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02 Nov 2017
Scoop Team Short Stories


Check out some of the short stories that YOU sent through!


My Journey to Town by Senamile Sithole


I'm literally counting the minutes as I peek for time and it seems as though it's not moving at all. I'm on my way to town for shopping and I should be there by 07:30 and that is if the bus doesn't delay since it take approximately 120 passengers and by the time I get on it's fully packed so finding a seat is unheard of and this morning is no different. I have to stand in agony of having to keep shifting for more passengers while pupils push through us as they go make noisy crowds at the back and they'd repeat the same thing when we arrive in town because they apparently have other early buses to catch. No facial expression of mine could describe how daunting this is but I guess it's not half bad for everyone, they are in deep conversations and sharing laughs. I randomly laid my eyes on a young lady very attractive indeed, she keeps flicking her hair backwards and is chewing on a gum; by just one look at her and I'm certain she's narcissistic and probably a diva too. I pay more attention to her and I notice  she's seated down while an elderly woman is standing  right next to her and she's not even bothered to give up her seat, I clicked my tongue and looked away. We finally arrived and before I could sigh some one tapped on my shoulder "make way" she said; but why should I, aren't we all lining to get down? I did make space though and that elderly woman walked past however I was startled when I saw that young lady hanging on her back, yes she was paralyzed with no wheelchair only assisted by the kind and her mother was her only mobility. Humbled I looked on as they made their way towards the door. I knew I had judged a book by its cover and missed out on a touching story instead.


Life Of Le-Anne by Yonela Ntinganti


Wake up ! , a subtle whisper on her left ear. Mitch , her little sister. Strange how a girl can have a very unusual name, which is most common in boys , mischievous boys to be exact. “ I’m up , what do you want? “ by the time she turns around to ask the same question again , Mitch has long ran through the passage to the kitchen. Up by the awaken of Mitch , she tossed to the right and scrolls up through her phone , to notice a note on table. “ On boy , what is it now ?! “ Hi dearest Le-Anne , your father & I went to your grandmother’s house to help her set her decor in the house , you will be alone with Mitch for a while , in fact 24hours won't hurt , be sweet , will you. Love Mom. “ You are kidding me , Mitch & I , home , ALONE. Oh well , 24hours won't hurt. She's hype , a good dosage of water and no energy will do her good” , she says to herself. Little Mitch is not little , she is older than Le-Anne but with a disorder ADHD. She is called Mitch due to her being hyper active , And boy is she , but a good little sister none the less.


The Chaser by Maliviwe Hleli


27 July 97 a leader and a role model was born. The man by the name of Maliviwe Hleli came to existence. He was born in continent Africa. His home country is the home of the beautiful city in the universe, South Africa. He was born in the province of Gauteng and he grew up in an exhilarating attractive city in the whole wide world by the name of Cape Town. He’s originate from Eastern Cape however he spent most of his years in the Mother city. There are born entrepreneurs and made-up entrepreneurs, this also implicates to leaders. The background he grew upon was an informal settlement, in the hearts of Khayelitsha. This is one exquisite leader not tyrant, extraordinary democratic. He leads very well, from the early age he would convince his friends how to perform things. During his teenage life he would be elected for the captain of the team in soccer. He was good and active towards sport as he also played cricket, a great batsman and spin bowler. In Secondary he secured his home school to finale as they clinch the triumph (Cup). One day he was watching a Television and saw an opportunity he would not miss. SABC2 there was a competition for literature, he was pleased to enter because he is a writer who dreams of having his novels and stories, he entered.


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