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18 Mar 2016
Woza Ethekweni! Ayanda's KZN Adventure:



My life is hectic! From catching an early flight from O.R Tambo airport to King Shaka airport, I have a thing where I'm always late for my flights. This time I was early, because I had no cash to book another flight. I get to Durban beautiful weather and I'm wearing black velvet tights and a black light jacket its scorching in Durban, now we rushing to surprise kids with some donuts. They were excited to see me.


Next stop is at the uShaka Marine, I'm told I have to shark cage dive. The shock on my face.... Thought they were joking, I mean who would wanna be swimming with sharks and other specie's you find in the water tank. I was so scared, I couldn't breath, after couple of minutes manage to contain myself and I did it. I was so proud of myself.



Thought I was done for the day. BUT, next stop was at the Moses Mabhida stadium at the Big rush big swing which it was officially named the world’s tallest swing by the Guinness Book of Records! Its similar to bungee jumping. First obstacle for me was the 390 stairs I had take before getting to the top where I would do the jump. I'm wearing full body harness which was heavy, imagine climbing the 390 stairs with heavy equipment on you. By the time I got to the top I was extremely exhausted. The guys instructing me what to do, but I was not listening at these guys, I was praying and talking to my Gods haha. I felt like going back and not doing the jump I was scared. The guys counted 3 2 1 and I jumped holding tight to that rope. It was a free jump, it felt like i was not attached to anything for 30 seconds, it was dead silence, I really thought I was on my way to heaven, I'm thinking why I'm I not hearing any commotion, not feeling the body harness on me, after 30 seconds I then felt everything, the ropes etc.


I open my eyes and I'm swinging in the air and guess who I see at the stadium training, the whole team of Kaizer Chiefs and I'm yelling Siphiwe Tshabalala he waved back at me!



The whole experience was incredible, two adventurous activities ticked off my bucket list! 

Would YOU do these crazy things? Let me know in the Comments below waht you would like to tick off your Bucket List!






Bonolo  01 July 2017

my name is Eunice from winterveld I like to dance an am 17 years old my birthday 9August I lv hectic nine9 I lv u guys


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  • If you were forced to dress in one colour for the rest of your life which colour would you choose and why?
    id say navy, coz the colour itself means alot wealth, elegance and you can always play around withit, it blends in very well with other colours
  • What is your favourite meal?
    hmmm Pasta, because thats the only thing i can cook lol
  • Who is your role model / idol and why?
    no-one specific. i idolize people who have done well for themselves, and give back to those who are underpreviledge
  • If someone approached you to write your official autobiography – what would the title be?
    fab lane of Makuzeni
  • Who would you say you’re most like: Will Smith, Russell Brand or Adam Lambert?
    both Adam and Will, Adam is the creativity and the fashion and Will Smith is the success talent and the beauty hahahahahaha
  • What are you more addicted to: shopping, twittering, facebooking or eating?
    shopping, shopping hmmm shopping also BBM, Twitter and facebook, iv got no time to eat
  • If your name was an acronym what would each letter stand for: A Y A N D A
    Achiever Yellow Astonishing Naughty Dazzling Athlete

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