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R.I.P Timmy T

Oh i am miss him so much!!!!
Funny thing is that they say all good things come to an end. But to be honest i wasn't ready to lose my best friend.
Timmy T...i remember the first day i saw him it was love at first sight. haha no jokes. Looking into his eyes there was no way of not falling inlove with him.

His backround wasn't the greatest in the world and that is why i spoilt him sooooo much. Besides from being to cute. Thank goodness i wasn't at home when the car road over him, it would off killed me even more.
His resting place is in front of our house and last night found myself just sitting and hoping that i would see him running to me, but i didn't happen. Already last night I was having trouble sleeping because i didn't have my baby in my arms, or close by.
Don't know if i am still in shock but i still believe that i will see him when i get home wagging his tiny tail.
I am wearing his color on my arm and its not coming off till i am ready to.

I miss him soo much my Timmy T. My tiger is no more.
A friend asked me of i will get another dog....all i said was in due time i will but no other dog that i get will
EVER come close to Timmy.
Love you my baby and i know you are in a safe place.

Recent Comments

03 May 2011
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28 April 2011
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Timmy R.I.P bt Lineo da way you say it its like a person just died but anyway it shows he was a good dog hope you take it well while u mourne for your greatest dog
27 April 2011
via Mobile
Agh poor thing...i dnt knw if this is ryt or rude to say,but blv i ddnt even think that u r writtin bwt a dog!gudthang on the biography!and sowi 4 ur loss

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